Transsexual People and Their Sexuality

There exists a lot of misinformation about the sexuality of transsexual people. The source of this problem is the mistaken

   assumption that transsexualism is a sexuality issue; it is not. However, transsexual people like everyone else have their

sexuality. Kindly take the time to understand something about their sexuality.

1. All transgender persons are heterosexual/straight.

2. There was a category of transgender persons that had a different opinion about their sexuality. Their opinion was in the line of:

a. They were special and were not to be subjected to the common paradigm of labeling people as per their sex practices

b. As they have evolved, they have come to realize that their diverse sexual activities are not a subject of public discussion; that their sexual practices or orientation were private affairs.As we have evolved, our basic understanding of our sexuality has also evolved. It will be our way not any other way.


Transgender Nomenclature on Sexual Orientation (TNOSE)

All transgender/transsexual people are STRAIGHT/HETEROSEXUAL.

1. T5,000: All transgender persons who are attracted to men

2. T7,000: All transgender persons who are attracted to women

3. TATA: All transgender persons attracted to everyone

4. T0: All transgender person attracted to no one.

5. Tc500: All transgender persons who are experimenting or finding out where they belong in terms of attraction. (we advise them to be careful)


1. The Transgender Education & Advocacy (TEA) is not a dating agency, so  please don’t call us asking to be hooked up to a

transsexual woman

2. We don’t owe anyone an explanation of why we change sex.

3. We don’t give a damn of what you think about transsexual people. We don’t see cisgender people caring about what we

transgender people think of you; so we don’t care.

4. We don’t like the way some of you people bring issues of gays (gay talk) when there is a discussion about transsexualism. If

you don’t understand anything about transsexualism then take the back seat and listen to people in the know.